Friday, August 7, 2009

Euro Buffet (by "Euro" they mean "German")

This is going to be a poor post but I wanted to put something up.

Normally Friday's are lunch at Canvas, but now that Canvas has joined so many other Sarasota restaurants and closed down, we were tasked with finding a new place to eat.

The boss had noticed a somewhat new place on Ringling called Euro Buffet. It didn't really look appealing as we approached it, but we're starting to get hungry so we went in anyway.

I never ate at the previous place, I'm told a sandwich shoppe of some sort, but apparently the decor is 99% the same as it was. The new owners tacked up a couple of pictures of famous European landmarks to... well... I guess add the the atmosphere. Sorta failed in that.

However, that aside, the food was pretty good. It is indeed a buffet. The "Euro" part was really just code for German (much the same way "Mediterranean" means Italian/Greek). The price was about $12 for lunch and $16 for dinner. Lunch was priced well with 5-6 entrees to chose from. Vegetarians beware... not much to be had for you folks..

There is some quirkiness to be had there. The staff was all very friendly, but wouldn't actually let you touch the food yourself even though its a buffet. One chef practically slapped my hand when I reached for a spoon.

This place is on Ringling just south of Washington (very close to Horsefeathers).

That's it for now. Happy eating.